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Neighborhood Groups

  • Introduction to Neighborhood Groups

    Neighborhood Groups are at the core of the Love... Where You Live movement. Learn more about leading a group by downloading our Neighborhood Group Facilitator guide

    Unsure of how to invite your neighbors to your group? Take advantage of our resource guide with tips and suggestions on how to start those conversations and respond to questions they may ask. We've even got some helpful invitation cards you can distribute!

    Group Facilitator Guide


    Inviting Your Neighbors


    Invitation Cards


  • Presence & Compassion

    Welcome to Week 1 of the Art of Being Neighborly series! In this week's video, Austin Police Department Chief Art Acevedo shares his thoughts on the importance of presence and compassion in our neighborhoods.

    Download the Week 1 discussion questions.

  • Tolerance & Grace

    What does showing our neighbors "grace" mean? Is it different than tolerance? Bestselling author, John Burke, explores this question during Week 2 of The Art of Being Neighborly series.

    Download the Week 2 discussion questions.

  • Conflict Resolution

    Living in close proximity to others means there inevitably and naturally will be conflict. In this video for Week 3 of The Art of Being Neighborly series, community leader, Jen Cumberbatch, gives us some practical steps we can take to proactively address and resolve conflict with others.

    Download the Week 3 discussion questions.

  • Forgiveness

    Forgiveness can be one of the most difficult yet important aspects of any relationship. Michael Morton shares the freedom and peace he experienced through forgiveness in his powerful testimony for the final week of The Art of Being Neighborly series.

    Download the Week 4 discussion questions.

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