Explore God

Explore God

In the fall of 2013, 377 pastors led their churches to host the largest spiritual conversation ever convened in Greater Austin through Explore God.

Explore God was the most comprehensive, unified effort to raise spiritual awareness in Greater Austin’s history. The campaign brought spiritually prepared believers together with spiritually curious people to begin to have conversations about God, seeing the curious begin thinking and talking about God and believers listening and sharing.

How did Explore God impact Austin?

At the end of the campaign the results were compiled, and while not every church contributed their stats to the results, we believe the campaign raised the spiritual awareness of our city.

Of the churches reporting:

  • 267 new Christ-Followers were identified
  • Over 1,100 discussion groups were formed in the city
  • 72% of groups included non-church members
  • 30% of those groups included non-christians
  • 90% of non-church members attending groups did so because of a personal invitation

Explore God was the first initiative to unify 377 churches in Austin. We are anticipating and praying for more opportunities to unify churches and raise the spiritual awareness in our city.

For more information on Explore God visit their website.