Spiritual Awareness

Spiritual Awareness

“Engaging the people of God to have conversations about the person of God in a unified effort.”

What if every Christ-follower prioritized engaging in spiritual conversations with people throughout our city in a unified way? What if these spiritual conversations were taking place during a heightened time of spiritual attention, either coordinated by church leaders or prompted by some other event or circumstance?

Pastors & Atheists | An Open Discussion

In the spring of 2013, several pastors from Austin and several notable Atheist Leaders sat down to ask – and answer – some tough questions, and came away with a better understanding where each other comes from. This was not an attempt to pretend that we agree on everything – nor was it an attempt to “win over” the other in one night. That’s what made this evening so special: both sides were seeking to clarify positions so that there can be an open line for conversation in the future.

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