Circles of Accountability

Circles of Accountability

What could happen if the churches in an area of the city came together to ensure that every person in that area was given a chance to see, hear and respond to the gospel? “Circles of Accountability” are simply that – groups of Pastors coming together in a specific geographic region to mobilize their congregations to reach every man, woman and child in their circle of influence.

Currently, we have divided our city into 19 “circles”. There are 18 active circles where pastors are meeting, praying and working together to share the love of Jesus with all the people in their circle through ongoing, active relationships. Each circle is approaching this differently based on how they sense God’s leading for their area.

Our prayer is that over the next year, God will continue to unite these groups, and raise up additional leaders for new circles. The Governing Board of Directors and The Christ Together Network will provide coaching, resources and best practice insights to help you get started.

All Pastors participating in a COA, or desiring to, are invited to join us for our quarterly CityTalk. For more information or to register for the next CityTalk, visit our Events page.

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