Our Approach

Our Approach

The CTGA Approach

Christ Together Greater Austin, a partnership of pastors and churches, seeks to demonstrate and communicate the love of God to the people of Greater Austin. Or, to say it another way, our passion is that every man, woman and child would have a repeated opportunity to see, hear and respond to the gospel. Reaching every man, woman and child will require every Christ-follower in Austin to go on mission together.

A city is a complex system made up of many people groupings and interests. Reaching a city requires a comprehensive and unifying strategy. The strategy that we have chosen to pursue, involves initiatives in four strategic areas: Spiritual Awareness, Acts of Service, Circles of Accountability, and Church Planting. While the Governing Board of Directors purposefully focus on only these four areas, it blesses and encourages all other Christ-focused initiatives.

So, How Does The Church in Austin reach the city?

Spiritual AwarenessActs of Service
Circles of AccountabilityChurch Planting